The Specific Solutions Group is a multi-company General Agency specializing in life, disability, long term care, annuities and impaired risk. We make more than 40 insurance carriers, including many of the “major” top rated companies, available to you.Marketing and administrative support is provided, including illustrations¬†and software, application processing and policyowner service, as well as¬†specialized¬†assistance with executive benefits and estate planning solutions.
No one company can offer the best product for every insurance need. Through a diversity of companies and products, you and your clients can have the most competitive insurance solution to match each specific situation. All individual life and disability income commissions are aggregated to maximize your total expense reimbursement payout.Our founding company, Long and Katzman & Associates, has been serving the brokerage community since 1963 for 35 years. Our experienced staff is committed to providing superior service.We look forward to working with you on your next case.